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Contract Negotiation

This class is all about negotiation. You’ll learn what requests are reasonable and how to respond to unreasonable requests. Learn about the best place to start negotiations and how to respond to client demands for changed language or new provisions. We’ll talk about the interaction of price and contract risk to ensure you get compensated properly for your work.

Contract Terms and Conditions

In this program, we break down all the clauses and provisions common to service agreements. We’ll talk about using conditions effectively, clauses for suspending work, and how to best structure payment provisions. We’ll even demystify warranty disclaimers, limitations of liability, and indemnification. You’ll walk out armed with knowledge on how your contract works so you can negotiate and implement it most effectively.

Getting Paid

This presentation collects all the best tips for ensuring you get paid fully and promptly. We’ll cover invoicing tactics, payment structures, retainer considerations, scope creep, billing for expenses, and kill fees. You’ll learn how and when to have tough conversations with clients to ensure your work doesn’t go unpaid.

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