Guidebook is a custom resource for getting the most out of your form of services agreement and statement of work – negotiation recommendations, alternative provisions, and business explanations that you can use to get ahead.

Having a great services agreement and statement of work is only half the battle. You need to know how to use it. That’s where Guidebook comes in. Each Guidebook is customized to your form of agreement and filled with recommendations on how to navigate tricky negotiations. Guidebook will help you:

  • Know which changes to key provisions you can safely make and which to avoid.
  • Understand the business reasons behind provisions of your agreement so you know which are most applicable to each engagement.
  • Know what client requests you can safely accept and which ones to refuse.
  • Learn alternative approaches for fee and collection provisions to maximize cash flows and limit nonpayment risk.
  • Consider alternative termination provision to know which are most applicable to your type of engagement.
  • Understand the “legalese” behind limitations of liability, indemnification, and other difficult provisions.

Your Guidebook comes as an annotated and commented version of your contract that you can deploy to those on your team that negotiate agreements.

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