Service Agreement Field Manual

Service Agreement Field Manual

Whether you are a freelancer, growing studio, or busy agency, you have to deal with contracts. Sure, you have your own form of agreement that you use when you can. But what about inbound service agreements?

That is, your client’s form of agreement. One where every provision tips in your client’s favor, written in impenetrable legalese. What do you do then?

Hopefully, you’ve got a lawyer on your side. One who is experienced in your industry and speaks your language. But what about when time is short? Or when budgets are tight? Or what if you don’t have the right lawyer (yet)? Until now, maybe you’ve just closed your eyes and signed, hoping things turn out OK. Or maybe you did your best to edit and understand the contract, not fully knowing what everything meant.

In those times what you need is a how-to guide. A reference you can consult for understanding, recommendations, and advice.

Enter, The Service Agreement Field Manual.

The Field Manual is paragraph by paragraph breakdown of the most common provisions in creative service agreements. Filled with plain English explanations, pitfalls to avoid, sample language, practical tips, and negotiating strategies, you’ll know where and how to push back to get a fair agreement. Over 22,000 words of our best recommendations and realistic advice on how to make the most of your next service agreement negotiation. Plus, you’ll never be stuck signing an agreement you don’t understand.

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We are very proud of the Field Manual and look forward to sharing it with you later this year.