Start 2017 with a Free Services Agreement Report Card from CreateLegal

Making a resolution to get your services agreement dialed in? Or maybe just curious how your agreement stacks up? Consider a CreateLegal Report Card to see if your services agreement makes the grade.

For a limited time, CreateLegal will review and grade your services agreement for free. Whether you are a small studio or a multi-disciplinary agency, we’ll review your services agreement against more than 40 different criteria in 8 different categories on issues relating to:

  •  intellectual property,
  •  liability limitations,
  •  termination rights,
  •  getting paid,
  •  clarity,
  •  and more…

At the end, you’ll receive a written Report Card containing a checklist summarizing our findings of what your contract does well and where it can be improved. We’ll also grade your services agreement in 8 different categories and as a whole.

We’ll only be doing these free services agreement Report Card reviews for a limited time. Want to know more? Drop us a line at and we’ll follow up with next steps!